Clubhouse Exits Beta


The audio app is now open to everyone. This means the app has removed the waitlist system so that anyone can join on iOS or Android.

Clubhouse had the invite and waitlist system because for much of the company’s 16 month history it was a testflight application and the two founders were the only two employees. Every time the app grew too quickly it would crash and run into other issues. The invite/waitlist system was deployed as a mechanism to slow growth while they assembled a team and built infrastructure.

Today Clubhouse sees more than 500,000 rooms created daily (up from 300k in May, 400k in June).

The average Clubhouse community member spends 60+ minutes/day on the platform.

Clubhouse has now surpassed 10 million downloads on Android in just two months.

In the first 24 hours after launch people sent more than 10 million DMs on the Backchannel. In the first week since launch, people have sent more than 90 million DMs on the Backchannel.


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