Emmis Exploring Alternatives For Indy Signal


Jeff Smulyan’s Emmis Communications, which owns WFNI-AM, 1070 AM/107.5 FM/93.5 FM The Fan, has announced that it has closed on the sale of a portion of land in Whitestown, Indiana housing the radio towers for 1070 AM.

While Emmis works to find the best solution for the future of the 1070 signal, effective August 2, audio content will broadcast solely on 107.5 FM and 93.5 FM, as well as on its streaming app and online at www.1075thefan.com.

Smulyan said, “As long-time owners of 1070, we are working diligently on finding the next great use for the signal. We were offered a wonderful opportunity to monetize the property and felt it was our obligation to explore that. Ultimately, it made the most sense.”

More than one year ago, Emmis had the tower site for 1070 AM rezoned for mixed-use commercial, office and residential developments. The area comprises 70 acres on Perry Worth Road near I-65 in Whitestown, Indiana and is listed for sale.


  1. Depending on whether Emmis can keep the antenna array intact or possibly simplify the array (thus requiring less real estate for the transmitter site) while reducing power, why not program that station to the older demos that are totally ignored by radio these days? Possible formats could include pre-Beatles oldies (yes, there is a huge selection of music that was played and enjoyed before the British Invasion and that we don’t hear on the radio anymore), classic country (that genre goes back at least a century), or the big band music that is an American treasure. Older people will listen to AM for music and the older AM radios have good sound quality, as the AM band was not included as an afterthought, as it is on the junk that comes over from China.

    Selling this demo will require some creativity, as it will not be easy to overcome the ageism that pervades the advertising world these days. But it is a natural demo for a heritage AM station like 1070 in Indianapolis.

    AM radio is good for more than sleazy infomercials, political rants, call-in shows, paid religion, and propaganda. Use 1070 for something that is not available on FM! Perhaps skywave coverage could be used as a selling point…I remember hearing WIBC (the original call letters on 1070 in Indianapolis) at my home in New Jersey at night.


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