How To Create The Perfect Radio Station Workplace


On August 9th we will release our annual Best Managers list. On the list this year is Cumulus Charleston-Savannah Market Manager Eric Mastel. We asked every one of our 30 Best Managers to describe the perfect radio station workplace, so the entire staff was humming along, hitting goals and winning every day. Here’s what Eric had to say.

(By Eric Mastel) This may seem simplistic and easy. Maybe the best ideas are just that. However the implantation requires dedication and tenacity. I don’t think anyone reading this will be surprised how obvious they are.

I start each and everyday by greeting everyone in the building. A simple “hello” and a smile goes a long way to getting the day started the right way. I know my strengths and areas that others are more proficient. I seek out others opinions, thoughts and ideas. Inclusion is a tremendous way to involve others in the quest for success.

Cumulus allows for every team member to have a “force” day. It is a day off to do with as you please. I always try to encourage the team to use the “force” day as one that is dedicated to service and serving the communities in which we do business.

Lunch, something we haven’t been able to do as a team since the beginning of the pandemic. I have worked with teams that find lunch to be the most important part of their day. So important that they begin planning lunch in the 10:00 am hour, LOL. Impromptu and scheduled staff lunches is a great way to get everyone together to foster cross department relationships. Which is vitally important to team success.

Always celebrate the little wins and achievements no matter how small. It fosters an environment of success and success breeds success. Honor the person or persons that achieved the success, a short handwritten note acknowledging the contribution to the company and how it fits into our values and culture. I always take that opportunity to remind people of Cumulus FORCE values, Focused, Organized, Responsible and Collaborative and Empowered.

My door is always open, (unless it’s closed) and I ask all my leaders to do the same. It is critical that the team know you are a person of authenticity, integrity and transparency. Having the door open much more than closed goes a long way to establishing trust and inclusiveness.

I’m sure many of you have “fun” Friday’s. We try to change it up with the team suggestions. Fuzzy Slipper Friday, Flannel Friday, Favorite Team Friday etc. are just a few ideas.

I begin the day with a simple “hello.” It makes sense that I would end the day with “goodbye” and I do. Even if I am rushed, I take the time to walk around the building and say “goodbye” to everyone here and thank them for today. We take our work seriously but not ourselves, at least not too seriously. Walks around the building, coffee runs, story swapping are just a few ideas. These small moments of fun and vulnerability are foundational to the strong camaraderie of a successful team.

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