The Money Just Keeps Rolling in From Radio


Eddie Garcia from The Bobby Bones Show completed a nearly 100 mile walk from Bluefield, West Virginia to Bristol, Tennessee this week as part of a fundraiser for National Angels, a non-profit that supports families in the foster care community.

Garcia, who is a foster parent to two young children and is on the National Advisory Council for the non-profit organization, was inspired by the George Strait’s song, “Carrying Your Love With Me,” in which he sings: “‘Cause I’m carryin’ your love with me, West Virginia down to Tennessee…”

Garcia said, “I did it! I walked all the way from West Virginia down to Tennessee. We raised so much money for National Angels and met a ton of great humans out here. Thank you for all the support and encouragement along the way. I didn’t do this alone.”

“OMG, Eddie did it! The Bobby Bones Show did it. The more than 8,800 contributors did it. Together, people from all over our country collectively came together and said, ‘we can make a difference and we can be a part of the change!’ The response and support have been nothing short of a miracle!” said Susan Ramirez, founder and CEO at National Angels.


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