MSN Joins MSI In Education Partnership


Media Staffing Network and The Media Sales Institute will work together on a curriculum. It will be part of the 2021 NABOB MSI hosted by Morehouse College later this year.

“This new partnership will allow our candidates to gain a better insight into how to research prospective employers and create an effective personal marketing presentation,” said Jeffrey P. Myers, MSI Developer. “Additionally, our alliance includes incorporating MSN’s expertise in the first Media Sales & Operations Department collegiate curriculum in the country, which is being developed at the Atlanta University Center and housed at Clark Atlanta University, starting in 2022.”

“With our tutelage, we can better prepare the MSI graduates to address the position for which they are applying,” said Laurie Kahn, CEO and MSN founder. “Sadly, many colleges and universities are not as up to date on what a recent graduate should include on their resumes. Nor do they teach their students how to best stand out and showcase their value when they have little to no work experience.”


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