Does Your Air Talent Have Strong Etiquette Skills?


(By Buzz Knight) I want to give a shout-out to talent coach extraordinaire Steve Reynolds for his motivation on this column after he read comments by Drew Horowitz and I on bringing etiquette back.

Is your air talent aware of the importance of practicing strong etiquette skills?
They have been warriors during the last year of the pandemic entertaining, informing and providing companionship for audiences in every market.

They like everyone have been under incredible duress to perform under unique circumstances. Your talent is on the front line representing your brand day in and day out.
I believe it would be healthy to give them a gentle reminder about some rules of etiquette as they conduct themselves.

Does your talent acknowledge and respond to all forms of incoming communication from listeners? I remember when the awesome social media strategist Lori Lewis first came onto the scene making this point many years ago.

Acknowledging and responding to audience incoming(whether it be positive or negative)is vital to maximizing that relationship and is a crucial cog in business etiquette across the entire spectrum.

If someone takes the time to engage they deserve response. There should be no ambiguity about this. The manner that talent interacts with clients is also crucial in the hierarchy of business etiquette. Does your talent go the extra yard when client interactions occur?

Do they work at developing a personal relationship with the clients that is built on respect?
Do they communicate with the client contact with a simple note of thanks for the business?
If your clients are investing in your talent and your brand they deserve to be treated properly.

The same holds true for relationships with other partners and collaborators such as non-profits that are so important for success. Once again there should be no ambiguity here.
Lastly, how does your talent internally practice etiquette?

I’ve seen stations that I’ve competed against implode internally that have talent practicing a lack of respect for each other and for the common goal. Egos are a part of the mix at every station and no one is expecting a staff to get along perfectly.

But at the core there has to be a sense of etiquette that prevails over chaos and backbiting.
Once again there should be no ambiguity here.

Buzz Knight is the CEO of Buzz Knight Media and can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]



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