Motion Denied To Dismiss Pacifica Suit


L.A. Superior Court Judge Michael Stern has ruled on multiple motions in a legal complaint against two Pacifica Radio Foundation Board of Directors. The suit alleged misfeasance and malfeasance, gross negligence, unlawful conduct, and financial mismanagement.

Judge Stern sustained the defense demur motion to dismiss the complaint and granted the plaintiffs leave to amend their complaint, specifically stating what he wanted to see included in their amended complaint. Judge Stern also denied a motion to require the plaintiffs to post a bond to pay the defendants’ legal fees should they prevail. The Judge further urged all the attorneys to consider mediation; the defendants have previously refused to do so.

“We are pleased with the court’s rulings and confident justice will ultimately be done in this case,” said Plaintiffs’ attorney Stephen Jaffe.

“The Board’s actions reveal how Pacifica Foundation has been hijacked by fringe sectarian splinter groups which orchestrated changed programming, from Holocaust denial, promoting fringe conspiracies and quack cures for AIDS and cancer,” said Sherry Gendelman, Pacifica Safety Net President. “They have compromised Pacifica’s mission, and squandered its integrity,”


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