KRCC Aids Hometown Celebrate 150th Birthday


KRCC-FM is helping Colorado Springs celebrate its 150th anniversary. The southern Colorado NPR station is also celebrating 70 years on the air this year.

The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum has a new exhibit, [email protected], consisting of 150 objects illuminating 150 stories examining 150 years of history. One such object is a vintage tape editing kit (pictured) used by KRCC in its pre-digital days.

“When we were planning this exhibit, we knew we had to include something from KRCC,” said Leah Davis Witherow, museum curator. “KRCC has been a vital part of the culture of our community for the past 70 years, and the tape kit provides an interesting window into its history.”

“Going through the archives to find materials for the exhibit was a great trip down memory lane,” said Jeff Bieri, Station Manager. “Before the digital age, it was all analogue — vinyl records, magnetic tape, record players and reel-to-reel machines. Today, it’s hard to remember that we used to get tape from NPR in the mail and splice it together manually for broadcasts in Colorado.”


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