Where Does Mary Quass Rank On Our List?


The NRG CEO is a regular either near – or at – the top of Radio Ink’s Best Leaders in Radio List. Our 2021 top 20 list is out and Quass is in the top five once again, according to her peers in the industry.

In our April issue, which you can subscribe to HERE, we asked all 20 of radio’s Best Leaders to answer four questions: How would your team describe you? Why is 2021 going to be a great year for radio? Has leading through a pandemic made them a better leader? And, if they had to choose a career today, would they choose radio. Here’s what NRG CEO Mary Quass had to say to all of those questions.

Mary tells Radio Ink her team would describe her as “passionately optimistic.”

Mary Quass believes 2021 is going to be a great year for radio because radio has been thrust into the digital future, and the industry is starting to figure it out. “And now we can provide our audience with more of what they want, because we know more about those wants and we can provide real-time results to our advertiser to assist them and become a true partner with them in their marketing journey!

“In many ways we have been able to take the best of the past with listeners that are emotionally tied to their favorite station and now extend that relationship in ways that fit the lifestyle of 2021, and it is working. As I have said before (to paraphrase Sally Field): they like us — they really like us.”

As far a leading through a pandemic, it reminded the NRG CEO that people are the secret sauce. “And so there was no hesitation tell our people there would be not staff cutbacks as a result of the pandemic. Because it’s my responsibility to put them first and give them peace of mind in a scary time, so they could focus on helping our communities.”

And Quass says she would absolutely start a career in radio if she was starting all over tomorrow. “What an exciting time. Think of what we have — every radio station has the opportunity to develop a following of loyal listeners we call friends, and, unlike when I started, now we have multiple distribution platforms to share our lives with them, and they take us with them as we are relevant in their lives. And today we don’t sell spots on an over-the-air signal, but we provide an advertiser access that matches their product to an audience that believe in us because we are their friends. How great is that?”

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