iHeart Host Fired Over Tweet


KMAG-FM Fort Smith, AR host Darren Miner, known as Maverick on the air, has been fired after he posted a tweet aimed at Arkansas Women’s basketball player Erynn Barnum.

Barnum posted these pictures of herself at Bud Walton Arena, which was followed by Miner’s tweet below the picture, which is what got him fired.
5NEWS spoke with iHeartMedia Area President Clyde Bass, iHeartMedia who said that as soon as the company found out about the post Miner was gone.


  1. Those photos begged for that comment. This business of firing certain people over posts that are often not even that offensive is cowardly BS on the parts of these corporations (looking at you, iHeart). They should be ashamed of themselves. And Miner should sue their asses off.


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