Allegations of Racism Force Out GM


Tim Eby is no longer the GM at St. Louis Public Radio. He was fired Thursday over allegations of a “legacy of structural racism” at the station. Former NPR Board Vice Chair Tom Livingston has taken over as interim GM.

Freelance reporter Brian Munoz reporting for St. Louis Public radio wrote that an August 7th statement from a group of the station’s reporters and producers, all people of color, detailed racist incidents they have experienced at the station. Eby was described by the group as someone who could “make necessary changes to policies and practices” in order to “transform the station into a diverse, inclusive, and equitable place to work.” But, the journalists allege, he chose to maintain “white supremacy at the station by remaining complacent with the status quo.”

University of Missouri-St. Louis vice chancellor of advancement Paul Herring notified the staff that Livingston will begin meeting with station leaders, teams and staff members this week to listen, engage and build a foundation to move forward together.

More details HERE.


  1. So he was fired for “allegations”, aka accusations but with no proof (at least none was mentioned in the article.. Sounds like he was railroaded out and should seek legal representation.


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