FCC Approves Cumulus Foreign Ownership Request


Since 2018 Cumulus has been seeking approval from the FCC to allow foreign investment in the company up to 100%. FCC rules prohibit more than 25% foreign investment. On Friday The Commission approved Cumulus’ request.

The Commission stated that “we find that the public interest would not be served by prohibiting foreign ownership of Cumulus in excess of the 25 percent benchmark.”

The petition to the FCC was unopposed.

The FCC stated that the Petition is likely to: “enable Cumulus to be in a stronger financial condition post-bankruptcy and provide the company greater flexibility to access foreign investment capital, thereby allowing Cumulus to better compete with other media companies, enhance its programming, and better serve the public interest, facilitate foreign investment in the U.S. broadcast radio market and potentially encourage reciprocal investment opportunities for U.S. companies in foreign markets.”

Read the FCC ruling HERE.


  1. The ruling by the terribly political FCC is not insane, however at the least it is shameful, disgraceful, unimaginably foolish…or more likely diabolical.

    Yes, this ruling could permit “investment,” corporate takeover, ownership by Putin’s Russian Regime or the Communist Chinese Regime, the Islamist Saudi Arabian Regime…but will probably result in acquisition by Internationalist forces in the UK & EU….

    The comparatively near-term consequences will be more than detrimental, to say the least; furthermore, following this precedent-setting ruling, the FCC will now be unable to justify opposition to foreign “investment” up to 100% for any and all other US broadcasting companies.

    The longer-term result will be a more extensive and destructive consolidation of broadcasting networks and companies than has been suffered thus far, and people in the USA being relegated to listening to any station they like as long as it it is black (so to speak).

    This ruling is one small step for the FCC, and one significant move towards world-wide tyranny.

    • It always has been about the money and kick-backs to the FCC. This whole appointment of commissioners needs to change. Actually we need to change our the guard in Congress. Worthless pieces of crap they are!

      We need foreign investment in this country like a whole in the head. The best we can do is eliminate any foreign trade. Now here in Wisconsin we have Arabs buying are farmland. All this through the Republican leadership and Rep. Bonner Scott Walker and company selling our country out! Then claim we are in a global economy. No, actually they figured out they can hide their money overseas without the IRS touching them. Why do politicians fly to Israel all the time? It’s not for praying! Since we are already in the streets, lets take the country back from the crooked politicians.

  2. This is ridiculous. Then again so is our present broadcast situation. We have one TV station in town that is now advertising that they are Virginia’s only station owned by a Virginia operator. It used to be owned by Gray. They moved and upgraded everything post the new ownership. Know why? Local ownership is of value! There is no reason for mega broadcasting. It is NOT in the public interest!

    I am sitting in the studio of WREN, a locally owned and operated low power oldies station. We have a local staff on the air from 6 AM to 10 PM. No one in our area save for one other LP does anything like that. We are presently having our license renewal challenged by Saga. I am not saying that we are perfect but what they want is our frequency. They would be able to operate it at 250 Watts on a mountain top instead of 100 Watts at 100 feet. They would also put some soulless format from corporate on our frequency because that already own a full power station.

    The other commentor is absolutely correct about FOX. I would add Sinclair and iHeart with their “talk radio’ line up even if, so far they are owned by US citizens in large part. Perhaps things will be better with China or Russia as the owner?


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