Xperi Now Wants ZoneCasting to Move Forward


After filing comments asking the FCC to gather more information on how GeoBroadcast’s Zonecasting technology would impact the listener experience back on May 4, Xperi, the developer of HD Radio, now wants The Commission to move forward.

Those original comments voiced concern about how ZoneCasting technology might impact HD Radio, specifically because one of the key requirements of the HD Radio system is the simulcasting of the analog service on the HD1 digital channel.

Since that filing the two companies have had conversations in which GeoBroadcast explained that it’s planning demonstrations for how ZoneCasting will be deployed in a digital setting.

The new comments, filed this week, state that Xperi will work with GeoBroadcast to develop test plans to provide data demonstrating the ZoneCasting experience on HD Radio stations. “Given our conversations with GeoBroadcast and the planned demonstrations, Xperi suggests that the Commission continue with the process to move toward an NPRM. The NPRM process will give all parties ample time to explore these various issues.”

If approved the technology would allow broadcasters to use booster stations to broadcast localized weather and traffic, news, advertising, and emergency alerting during short parts of a broadcast hour.


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