What Will Happen To Small Business?


(By Buzz Knight) Small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities and this crisis has left a toll that has a yet to be determined outcome. Pick just about any small business local category and you can see that their new normal will be a complicated puzzle.

Some will be able to think of innovative ways to get their business on track and some will struggle with the proper business plan that will get them back to some normalcy.

As Radio tries to navigate this unseen territory it would be wise for station clusters to consider new ways to super-serve the small business owners in their community.

One idea worth considering is to appoint someone in your cluster to be the “Small Local Business Liaison” who is your point of contact for the outside world in your market. This person would be your Ambassador on the front line that could systematically engage with the small business community to help them jumpstart their business and give it a much needed push with market awareness.

If they were an advertiser at any point before this crisis they would quickly realize how committed you are to your community and the long term growth of these businesses. Try putting short term revenue gains aside and think of this person as your bridge to enhancing your future relationships.

This liaison will also be able to organize important messaging for cities, towns and the many non-profit organizations that have been so hard hit during this pandemic.

This has been uncharted territory and it will continue to be a rough road ahead and Radio will continue to be an important force for good.
Considering new deployment for your staff is one way to meet these challenges head on.

Buzz Knight is the CEO of Buzz Knight Media and can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]


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