Beasley Eliminates 67 Positions


This week will go down in history as one of the worst weeks for radio, thanks to the coronavirus. It’s a scenario playing out across every industry on an almost daily basis now. Companies, big and small, are making painful, unavoidable decisions, doing everything they can to stay alive as commerce in the United States comes to a grinding stop.

Adams Radio Group, iHeart, Townsquare and JVC Media were first to announce layoffs, furloughs and pay reductions. Today Beasley Media Group is added to that list.

The company announced that 67 positions across the company have been eliminated. Another 18 full-timers and part-timers were furloughed and all remaining full-time employees will have their hours reduced from 40 to 36.

The hope is to bring the furloughed employees back, and bump full-time hours back to 40, at the end of the second quarter (June 30). But without knowing when this crisis will end that can only be a hope at this time.

CEO Caroline Beasley will also take a 20% pay cut, which we reported on last week. In making the announcement, Beasley said, “These are very difficult decisions. We are confident that the steps we take today will allow us to continue to serve our clients, communities and ensure our company will emerge stronger once the crisis abates.”

The number of coronavirus-related deaths in the U.S. topped 4,000 on Tuesday night as the White House coronavirus task force said it projects 100,000 to 240,000 deaths from the virus and millions infected in the country.



  1. Because, David, hacking staff positions is standard operating procedure.
    This time it’s more critical – and a lot more justifiable.
    And, b’sides…. everybody else is doin’ it, too.

  2. Why this non-story is pertinent is beyond me.
    Are the people of Beasley not also mere mortals?
    Are they immune to the circumstances?
    Although, Caroline’s 20% cut does seem just a tad patronizing and does rank up there with the “let them eat cake” crowd.

  3. It seems to me that the Radio industry has been cutting/trimming fat for years that was NOT there. Move along folks…nothing to see here…

  4. Their full timers must be paid by the hour. Any full timer only working 40 hours would be laughed out of town where I come from.

  5. So Beasley is so broke they cant last a month with lower revenues…. And can’t increase LOCAL content as the FCC public service aspect radio was intended for?

        • Lol… “I’ll use my name if you use yours”…”TheBigA” has always been a total shill on here for IHeart, and specifically Bob Pittman. Draw your own possible conclusions.

        • We know they haven’t cut back on any hours of broadcasting, and they haven’t added any syndication. So they continue to air locally originated content. Right? And the announcement says “positions eliminated.” Didn’t say these were people, did it? Could have just been unfilled jobs. If they want to cash in on the gov’t bailout, they can’t actually fire staff.


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