Friday Webinar Geared To Helping Salespeople


Many advertisers are worried as they struggle to understand how the coronavirus crisis will impact their business. Sales reps are also in a tough spot. While they empathize with the situation every client is in, they also want to educate advertisers on the importance of marketing during this crisis.

Ryan Dohrn, a 28-year media sales and marketing veteran, has created a 90-minute workshop called, Helping Radio Advertisers Understand the Importance of Marketing Amidst COVID-19.

This webinar will be held live on Friday, March 27th at Noon EST.  For those that cannot attend live, a link with the full HD video replay will be sent after the live session has concluded.

Ryan is also using the webinar to raise money for various charity organizations also impacted by the crisis. So, far, Ryan’s webinars have raised $2600 for the Golden Harvest Food Bank.

What Ryan says you will takeaway from his webinar:  

  1. How to show empathy without getting into a COVID-19 debate.
  2. How to explain the NASCAR effect of getting 3 laps down when advertisers pull ads.
  3. How to show examples like Kellogs and Dominos that doubled down on marketing in a crisis and came out as market leaders after a crisis.
  4. How to help radio advertisers re-define their core audience for survival.
  5. How to use technology to meet with advertisers when face-to-face is not an option.

The cost of Ryan’s webinar is $29 – All proceeds, beyond internal costs,  will go to the Golden Harvest Food Bank. The webinar fee Includes a full copy of all Ryan’s research links and materials to use.



  1. Amen to Bob MacKay’s comment.
    We have tried to convince radio owners – mangers etc., that the old sales ways have vanished. Deaf ears. None of Ryan’s 5 points mean a hill of beans. No advertiser wants to hear about radio ratings, reach, technology, personalities, frequency, or examples of other advertisers diving deeper in the the same old abyss. Show any advertiser that you will GUARANTEE his message will be LISTENED TO WITH RAPT ATTENTION with RESULTS and you have a long term no cut contract sale. Any medium….even radio. But go ahead….keep listening to and trying the old ways….and …..same results. By all means donate the $29. That’s the only part that makes sense.

  2. You could look like an absolute fool trying to push or sell radio advertising right now to any business that is making survival choices- like how to keep paying their employees. And to say we need to “educate” business people– wow, that is the arrogance of a bygone era, that apparently some in the radio business still have. These are BUSINESS owners!! They didn’t get there by being stupid. …And there is something called the internet?
    The big question is, nationwide most businesses are now having their employees work at home. And these businesses will soon discover, that working at home “works” for many of their employees.
    So there goes your massive morning and afternoon drive time traffic. And the majority of radio listening is- or was – in the cars. So the business model of selling Advertiser X on being in your Morning Show during “morning drive”… could very well become a quaint concept of a bygone era.
    Within a year, the viability/relevance of radio stations – in fact, the very survival of many stations- could be the lead story. Especially since many stations already are not even relevant or meaningful to their cities, thank you iHeart and voice tracking.
    Before the attackers jump on here and accuse us of being negative — wake up. Deal with reality. There are going to be huge “unintended consequences” – good and bad – caused by what is now the greatest crisis in the country’s history.


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