Titus & Tate Now Podcasting


Mark Titus and Tate Frazier have joined FOX Sports and Westwood One as co-hosts of the new Titus and Tate podcast. The first and second episodes are available now.

“As a former bench-rider myself, I’ve been a fan of Titus going back to his Club Trillion days, and he’s since found Tate, who shares a passion for the game [basketball] and sense of humor that sets them apart,” said Michael Bucklin, VP of Digital Content, FOX Sports.

“Empowering leading personalities to serve fans is core to our vision here at FOX Sports, and these two fit right into that strategy.”

“Titus and Tate fans are thrilled to have this hilarious and unstoppable team back behind the mic — and not a moment too soon as college hoops head towards the brackets and buzzer-beaters of NCAA March Madness 2020,” said Suzanne Grimes, EVP Marketing, Cumulus Media and President, Westwood One. “We’re ready to turn up the heat and give national marketing and promotion of this show a full-court press.”

Titus and Tate is available in visual formats on FOXSports.com, the FOX Sports app, and social media platforms. The audio version from Westwood One, America’s largest audio network, will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, or wherever you get your podcasts.


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