“The Heart” Returns


The Radiotopia podcast network has brought back The Heart via Radiotopia and the newly minted audio community Mermaid Palace.

Co-founded by Kaitlin Prest, The Heart went on hiatus in 2017 after earning a Peabody Award nomination. The Heart is a highly personal podcast about intimacy, bodies, gender, power dynamics, and all the invisible things in the air between humans. Alongside Prest now are two new voices — producers and co-hosts Phoebe Unter and Nicole Kelly (NK), previously of the podcast bitchface.

This first new episode of The Heart can be found here, tracing how Phoebe and NK “fell in art love” and became collaborators. Upcoming episodes will range from the habit of people-pleasing and how to divest from it, code-switching, and intergenerational trauma, among other topics. Episodes will be released every other Wednesday.

More info about The Heart, Phoebe, and NK can be found here.


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