Eau Claire Host Discusses Layoffs On The Air


Mike McKay, morning show host of B-95 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, used about eight minutes of his show, Wednesday, to talk about the iHeart layoffs and how they affected him. His co-host of 24 years, “Donuts,” was let go this week.

McKay went through all the awards his morning show had won, and money they raised for charities over the years, and said, “all of those things regardless of what some corporation might decide….there’s no corporation that can take that stuff away. Those are truly great accomplishments that we did over the years.”

McKay told his audience that the decision came from corporate and if it had been a local decision it never would have happened.

According to WQOW.com, McKay and Donuts won 12 Volume One “Best of the Chippewa Valley” awards and three awards from the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association during their tenure. One of those was for best morning show in Wisconsin.

You can hear the audio of what McKay said on the WQOW.com website.

If you were let go this week, please send all of your contact information to [email protected] and we will post your availability to our website.


  1. Good for you Mike. Fighting the corporate monster is courageous. Those people cannot do what you do every day. You, on the other hand, and any of a number of other talented people that the monster manages, could learn to do what they do. That managers must increase their margin at the expense of the product shows failure on the managers’ part to increase the revenue. It’s management’s fault. Not Talent’s. I used to refer to them as “manglement.” I’m grateful that I managed to retire.


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