“Nights With Elaina” Hosted By Rising Star


Westwood One is launching a new syndicated radio show, Nights with Elaina, hosted by award-winning radio and podcast host Elaina Smith. Smith has carved out her reputation in Country radio, having hosted shows in San Diego, Florida, and on over 100 stations simultaneously on NASH Nights Live, as well as hosting the syndicated weekend show With Elaina, and the award-winning podcast Breaking Thru with Elaina.

“Today’s country music genre is young, fresh, and modern, and Nights with Elaina fits the bill perfectly,” said Charles Steinhauer, Chief Operating Officer, Westwood One. “Elaina is a force of nature when it comes to connecting with her listeners and some of the biggest names in entertainment today. She’s ‘always on’ and available to be heard every weekday night, over the weekend, and on-demand with her podcast and socials, making Elaina the quintessential modern broadcast personality.”


  1. Hi Elana my name is Tammy from Allentown love your show and the music I think your a great host with great artists 💗💗💗from your fans

  2. Hey Elana I’m Hagan and I’m 11 years old and Id like to be on the radio by requesting a song. Please call me asap at 662-251-6637


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