Big Doings At Lemonada Media


New podcasts, ambitious goals, and controversy are all on the network’s Thanksgiving table.

The chart-topping Last Day — launched in September by co-founders Stephanie Wittels Wachs (host) and Jessica Cordova Kramer (executive producer) — is a heavily first-person account of the opioids crisis that will form some semblance of a roadmap for curbing opioid deaths.

Guest and addiction specialist Nzinga Harrison said of Last Day, “So many people have reached out and the recurrent word to describe the effect Last Day has had on them is ‘hopeful.’ That. Is. Powerful.”

Much to the disapproval of Facebook, Good Kids: How Not to Raise an A**hole, launched Tuesday with five episodes, and one episode per week on upcoming Tuesdays. Lemonada crafted a whole social campaign, but the social media giant censored all of it.

The first five episodes of this both serious and funny show were selected with Thanksgiving in mind. Each episode is only about 15-mins long.

The Thanksgiving Episodes:
• Episode 1 — Reality TV star Jaime Primak Sullivan: How To Make Your Kids Say Thank You. And Mean It.
• Episode 2 — Scholar, writer, and podcast host Reza Aslan, his wife, Jessica Jackley, and their three kids: How To Travel The World With Your Kids…And Actually Enjoy It
• Episode 3 — Writer and podcaster Elizabeth Laime: How To Not Pass Your Body Issues Down To Your Kids
• Episode 4 — Activist & educator DeRay Mckesson: How To See Rebellion as a Good Thing
• Episode 5 — Disability advocate & Vogue cover model Sinéad Burke: How To Empower Your Kids To Love Their Differences.

Meanwhile, Dallas Cowboys’ defensive lineman Michael Bennett and his wife Pele (pictured) debut their weekly podcast, Mouthpeace with Michael & Pele Bennett, in January.

“Michael Bennett is a unicorn: an activist, a football star, and a self-described feminist. Pele is no slacker either as the mom of three incredible kids and a skilled Polynesian dancer and home chef. We are amped to create this new platform with the Bennetts, who are serious, brilliant, and hilarious all at once,” said Jessica Cordova Kramer, Lemonada’s CEO.


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