How Townsquare AE’s Stay Ahead of The Competition


On the company earnings call Tuesday, CEO Bill Wilson told investors and analysts that one of the reasons Townsquare Account Executives are doing so well is that they now make sales calls with a new weapon in their sales arsenal. It’s called the Blueprint Mobile App which was developed internally by Townsquare’s Product Development Team.

The company started developing the app in early 2018 and sellers were given the tool earlier this year. Townsquare’s Chief Operating Officer Erik Hellum calls it a modern, client focused time saver. “It allows the AE’s to get buying specs/goals and then build a simple integrated solution right in front of the client, instead of going back and presenting later. It also allows for the client to digitally sign the deal right on the spot, and, a copy of the contract is emailed to both the client and the AE. The app is also compatible with our traffic system so that the signed order can be dropped into our system without the need for re-entry.”

Hellum tells Radio Ink the new app gives Townsquare AE’s an advantage in most of the 67 small and medium markets it operates in because competitors have nothing like it. “Gone are the days of writing deals on cocktail napkins.”

Here’s an example of what the app can do for a sales rep, who, for example might be calling on a retail clothing business. The AE can enter the audience demo, 25-54 or 18-34, for example. They can also enter the goal of the campaign. Maybe the goal is to generate traffic or branding. The app then generates and recommends the appropriate station(s) based on audience composition. The app will build the appropriate schedule, including all of Townsquare’s digital components. If the AE or client needs additional help, explaining a digital solution for example, they can click on that specific solution and the app will show an example and an explanation.

Hellum says the app does even more by getting deeper into Townsquare’s digital menu. “AE’s can submit a Digital Presence Assessment for a client within the App, which shows us where they need help with their website, mobile website, reputation management and SEO. And of course, that is where Townsquare Interactive comes in.” Townsquare Interactive has over 18,000 monthly subscribers both in and outside Townsquare markets, where digital experts help local clients build a better digital footprint focused on growing their business.

More features are expected to be rolled out on the app. Hellum says it has already increased the efficiency of the salespeople, who no longer have to go back to the station to print out proposals, and the client, because it saves clients from having to go to a meeting.


  1. It seems that this app also eliminates the process of making a well thought out proposal backed by others at the station who are also vested in the clients success. Eliminated is the process of taking the client information back to the station so that the AE can brainstorm with the SM, production staff, or other AE’s on developing a total plan that brings the client the desired results. Although it looks like it’s closing more sales on the spot (good for the station) I’m skeptical that an app that eliminates an essential creative process is good for the client, and radio advertising in general.

  2. Salem Media Group saw its EBIT tank 21% over the last 12 months. If earnings keep going like that over the long term, it has a snowball’s chance in hell of paying off that debt.


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