Are The FCC’s EEO Rules Working?


Over 80 broadcasters say there is no evidence that the FCC’s current EEO guidelines prevent or reduce discrimination, or increase employment diversity, and it’s time for a change. The broadcasters want The Commission to change the way it requires broadcasters to find new employees and reduce the burdensome paperwork. Specifically, the filing says EEO paperwork is crippling to small broadcasters.

In the filing, 82 broadcasters are calling on The FCC to allow broadcasters to use a nationally or regionally recognized job-oriented website for every fulltime broadcast station employment opening no matter how few employees that employer may employ.

Part of the issue, with these 82 broadcasters at least, is the FCC’s required EEO paperwork, which they call a burden to small broadcasters. They say focusing on additional regulations will not increase employment diversity. The filing says the EEO paperwork small broadcasters are faced with “is a crippling resource burden that simply takes away from the important task of broadcasting.

Read the entire 42-apge filing HERE.


  1. I own the place–yet about two weeks ago one weekday my business partner was up in the high school press box and I was running his remote broadcast. None of our part-timers were available on a Thursday morning.

    Small market radio just doesn’t have the money –nor is there the interest in radio to attract a staff, let alone a “diverse” staff.

    By the way–we found out by happenstance that some job listing sites “harvest” listings. We posted an opening on our website–and started getting calls from all over from folks who saw the listing as “harvested” by Indeed.


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