Money, Women, And The Moves They Make


Glamour magazine Editor-in-Chief Samantha Barry debuts She Makes Money Moves, a new podcast from Glamour and iHeartRadio that explores the relationship women have with money.

Hosted by Barry, She Makes Money Moves creates a dialogue for young women to understand and take control of their finances, through first-person accounts from women across the country, and advice from financial experts.

The 16-episode podcast features a different topic each week, from student loan debt to pyramid schemes as well as candid discussions from a variety of financially savvy guests.

“There’s power, especially for young women, in talking about money: how much we make, how much we spend—and how money impacts our identities and our relationships,” Barry says. “There’s incredible discomfort around these topics, and here at Glamour we’re committed to shedding the taboo and inviting women to join in.”

“Episode one: Confessions of a Real-Life Shopaholic,” explores the life of a compulsive shopper (80% of shopaholics are women) with advice from personal finance journalist and author Farnoosh Torabi. New episodes will drop every Tuesday and are distributed by the iHeartPodcast Network.

Subscribe and listen to the first episode on Apple Podcasts HERE.


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