Bonneville Launches “Every Day Strong”


Bonneville’s “EveryDay Strong” campaign uses 22 radio stations and other media platforms to educate parents and adults on how they can build resilient kids and strong communities. All of the radio spots and social media posts drive people to where they will find additional resources, video presentations, and a link to download a free resilience handbook.

The EveryDay Strong program was created by United Way of Utah County in collaboration with a panel of experts, including medical professionals, educators, social workers, and mental health specialists.

“Bonneville has always been committed to building up families and communities and we believe this campaign can help strengthen parents by giving them the tools they need to help their kids,” said Bonneville President Darrell Brown.

“Our radio stations are on a mission to serve their local communities, and unfortunately many of those communities are experiencing high rates of suicide,” said Candice Madsen, Bonneville’s Communications Manager. “We believe EveryDay Strong can help change the dialogue surrounding mental health and promote positive change.”



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