MMTC Wants FCC To Step Up EEO Enforcement


The Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council has filed comments with the FCC, asking the Commission to improve enforcement of its EEO requirements at radio and TV stations across the country. The MMTC says the RTNDA’s recent broadcast management and news survey presents “a disappointing picture of minority broadcast employment” and recommends four steps the Commission should take immediately.

MMTC says the steps to improve EEO enforcement could be implemented by the staff without the need to undertake a rulemaking proceeding.

Here are the four steps recomended by MMTC:

  1. Substantially increase the percentage of employment units audited each year.
  2. Randomly select some audited units for more thorough review to ensure nondiscrimination at the points of applicant interviewing and employee selection.
  3. Issue a public notice reminding the public of the agency’s whistleblower and anti-retaliation protections, and install a secure whistleblower phone line.
  4. Publish an EEO primer, best practices, FAQs and model EEO program

To get more details on the MMTC’s FCC filing, GO HERE.


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