Salem Cancels Joe Walsh National Distribution


Salem Radio Network is cancelling national distribution of the Joe Walsh Show on September 26. Walsh affiliates will continue to receive the program from SRN during this 30-day period, and will be given the opportunity to continue airing it from a different syndicator, to be selected by Walsh. SRN may also offer a replacement for the Walsh program to any affiliates that choose not to continue with the Walsh program.

SRN will work with any affiliates who want to discontinue airing the Walsh program during the 30-day period due to concerns about FCC political regulations in light of Walsh’s announcement of his candidacy for President of the United States.

This announcement does not affect Walsh’s local program airing on AM 560 The Answer in Chicago, however Walsh’s program will have to be removed as soon as he becomes a viable and legal candidate for President.


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  2. I have to say that I’m extremely saddened to see Mr. Joe Walsh part ways with SRN. Over the last 18 months I have stopped watching television after 8:00pm to tune into Joe’s radio show, I’ve always enjoyed listening to his views, and take on what’s going on in the world, and more importantly our country and our leaders. Also I’ve always liked his honesty, like when someone makes a bad decision he has called them on it, instead of trying to spin it to the listeners unlike so many of his colleagues. He has always been respectful to his callers even if they would call up being jerks, and just to argue and be nasty to him. I cannot recall when he just straight up dropped a caller for disagreeing and being rude, again, very different than his colleagues, several of whom work at the SRN! First we lost Michael Medved, who I always enjoyed tuning into, but to add insult to injury his time slot was filled with Sebastian Gorka, who just loves to hear himself speak, and immediately drops callers when he gets upset when they don’t agree with him. I wish the best for Joe, and I really hope that the SRN does a better job of finding a good, and interesting replacement than they did with Medved!


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