The Power of Rush


He does it sparingly but when he does do it his listeners respond in a big way. Rush Limbaugh called on his massive listening audience to purchase a Betsy Ross t-shirt after the Nike/Colin Kapernick controversy. So far, over 100,000 of these t-shirts have been sold, and $1.5 raised for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation from the shirt sales.


  1. Nike does over $16 billion in annual sales just in the United States (Google it). As a side point, i absolutely stand for the National Anthem, although I support the right of those who choose not to stand, as their protest to racial and social injustice in this country (they are NOT protesting the military.) Anyway, the point is that with 16 billion in sales, 100.000 Limbaugh followers wearing a Betsy Ross t shirt is like a fly on top of an elephant. Plus, 90% of Limbaugh’s audience is 50-55 years or older. That geriatric group is completely disconnected from Nike’s target demographic markets.

    • Maybe someday you’ll have a kid with his leg blown off from a mine serving in the Army and you’ll feel different.

    • You are comparing Nike’s $16B in sales with Rush raising $2M for charity. If you want to take that another step, Rush only gave away 0.0125% of Nike’s gross North American sales to Tunnels to Towers. I guess that’s a mediocre amount? Then again, it may be all “that geriatric group” can afford.

      By the way, speaking of flies and elephants how much wealth for charity or profit did third-world child labor and a third-string quarterback generate with a piece of art that is about 200 years old?

      Maybe Nike can set up a podcast with the proceeds going to Black Lives Matter, Antifa, or another group that meets Mr. Kapernick’s discerning standards? I might even listen, just not between noon and 3. My radio is spoken for then.


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