These Deals Worth $78 Million Are Done


Meruelo Media officially owns both KLOS-FM (purchased from Cumulus for $43 million) and KXOS-FM (purchased from Grupo Radio Centro for $35 million) in Los Angeles. Here’s how the management team will line up…

President and COO Otto Padron will serve as interim Market Manager
Tomas Trujillo will oversee the day-to-day operations
David Criscitelli, VP of Meruelo Media Client Solutions will take over sales.
Dianna Jason, VP of Marketing will take care of all marketing activities.
Keith Cunningham, KLOS’s current program director, will stay on as PD.
Irma Barrios will add KXOS to her existing duties as General Manager of KWHY-TV
Emmanuel “DJ EMan” Coquia will assume interim music and programming duties for KXOS.


  1. Joel Nava:

    The original agreement was $110 M; however, when the LMA time expired and Grupo Radio Centro had not come up with the $110 M, EMMIS COMM. offered a DISCOUNTED price of $85 M, which is what GRUPO RADIO CENTRO finally paid for the purchase of KXOS 93.9 FM, which is still a HUGE loss for GRUPO RADIO CENTRO..

  2. Let me correct my self, Grupo Radio Centro, Did not paid 85 Million Dollars, They PAID the Whoapping Amount of 110,000,000 Million Dollars! And Now, they sold it for only 35,000,000.00 Million? I really, Don’t understand how the Mexicans investors were fooled to loose so much money over this deal. I just really dont.

  3. Woaooo! Radio Centro Paid Close to 85 Million Dollars, and They Sold it for only 35? Woaooo! There is no doubt in my mind that the radio industry is depreciating more rapidly then The Mexican Peso in front of an USA DOLLAR!


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