Podcast Offers Battle Tactics For Sexism


KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio’s Battle Tactics For Your Sexist Workplace podcast is back for a second season. Over the course of six full-length episodes and six bonus episodes, hosts Eula Scott Bynoe and Jeannie Yandel will explore tactics for dealing with sexism in the modern workplace and grapple with the tradeoffs and unintended consequences that come with taking action.

“Dramatic #metoo stories that bring down powerful men continue to make headlines, but for a lot women, sexism is a mundane, regular occurrence, littered with grey areas,” said BTSW Senior Producer, Caroline Chamberlain Gomez, “This season of BTSW is all about exploring these grey areas and how women in different positions with different life experiences can navigate them most productively. There’s no sexism silver bullet.”

In addition to seeking topic ideas and stories from listeners, BTSW is also bringing on two advisors for season two. Mikaela Kiner, CEO of Reverb is acting as the podcast’s “HR whisperer,” evaluating the efficacy of the tactics discussed. Ruchika Tulshyan, an inclusion strategist, is helping bring in new guests and amplify perspectives that are often overlooked in conversations about workplace sexism.


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