Randi Is Back


Liberal talker Randi Rhodes is back on the radio. iHeartMedia announced on Thursday that Rhodes would be taking over the 5-7 p.m. shift on Real Talk 910 AM in San Francisco. Rhodes has been delivering her progressive talk show via podcast. She was named one of Radio Ink‘s Most Influential Women back in 2007.

Rhodes was on the air in radio for 20 years before moving over to the Internet. She was syndicated by Premiere until 2014. Rhodes sounds excited to be back on the radio. “Being back on the radio in one of the greatest cities in America for a market-leading station like Real Talk 910 AM is amazing. I feel such a strong connection to the listeners here in San Francisco and I’m thrilled to get on-air and shake things up!”

The Real Talk 910 AM line-up already includes Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartman, Clark Howard, and Rick Ungar.

“We are beyond excited for the opportunity to bring Randi back to the Bay Area,” said Cory Callewaert, Program Director for Real Talk 910 AM. “She is one of the most powerful progressive voices in the country, and with her wit and sense of humor she is exactly what we need and a one of a kind.”





  1. I haven’t listened to Randi since I moved out of S Florida, then NJ for a couple of years, or as many years as she was in in NJ.
    I have since switched my affiliation to R, so I am curious if I will still find here fun to listen to. The Dem party has gone bonkers since then with their disgusting habits and lack of respect for everything and everyone who’s not on the 2020 Dem lemming list. One thing Randi has always been is fairly honest, so I really have to see how she is going to try and defend the house Democrats with douches like Schiff and Waters, Pelosi and Schumer. I hope she brings back her honesty with here. If she caves into these metoo hypocrites I will be very disappointed.


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