Entercom Cuts Ties With Troubled Host


Calling himself the most sought after free agent in the history of media, in a Periscope video from a CVS, Kirk Minihane announced he was no longer employed by Entercom. He then went on to say some very vile and disgusting things about Entercom, its employees, and their families. It’s a safe bet if that video gets around, he may never work in radio again.

In his last Periscope video from a Barnes and Noble Minihane went public with his desire to get out of his deal to do a daily podcast for Entercom on Radio.com after losing his job at WEEI. Entercom made his wish come true on Wednesday: “We have mutually agreed to part ways with Kirk and allow him to pursue other opportunities. Over the years, Kirk has been a valuable member of the WEEI team, and a host of the ‘Enough About Me’ podcast. We wish him all the best on his future endeavors.

On Thursday morning the WEEI morning team stated that part of Minihane’s exit agreement was that he’s not allowed to talk negatively about Entercom executives. During the Thursday morning shoe former WEEI-FM co-host Gerry Callahan said Minihane is always looking for a fight, mostly on Twitter or Periscope.

Minihane was with Entercom for about 10 years, according to his Publix video. He lost his morning show co-host position in late 2018 and was moved to Radio.com where he was supposed to launch a daily show. That never materialized which lead to his Barnes and Noble video demanding his release, which was given to him on Wednesday.

Minihane has openly admitted he has mental health and depression issues.


  1. I think it’s sad that there are so many talented and deserving folks who would kill for an opportunity to be on a national format. But here we have a bloviated turd with a nasty mouth who should have been relegated years ago to washing dishes at the Macon, GA. Bus station.

  2. Minihane is a frustrated Howard Stern wanna-bee. He has zero talent, nothing to add to any station, and from all accounts one might conclude that Minihane is sick and dangerous. He just needs to go away.

  3. Why do you think in real radio=Terrestrial radio, you only fire someone at the end of there shift? You never know what he or she might say. There is no one on the radio or internet radio today that cannot be replaced in a heartbeat. Move on things will be fine, Best of luck.


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