So What Will Happen To The WPLJ Calls?


Last week we had a little fun pondering what should happen to the WPLJ call letters once the station goes off the air at the end of the month. EMF purchased the station from Cumulus and the format will be flipped to the religious K-LOVE. EMF’s Randy Chase tells Radio Ink the company plans to keep the call letters after the takeover and “assess things after the dust settles. They are legendary calls.”


  1. Great. Just great.

    Now EMF will own those legendary calls.

    One more reason why they will never see any contributions from me, any listening to their stations, or any online comments that aren’t negative.

  2. Well, I could have the original WPLJ. I just need some cheap white wine and a lemon. Pour the wine into a glass, squeeze the lemon into it, stir well, and, voila…a WPLJ of the kind that the Four Deuces sang about in 1954! White Port Lemon Juice! Don’t want the alcohol? No problem! Just substitute white grape juice for the wine.

    As for the radio station, the overall sound of the music actually won’t change that much after the format change, even if the station will be zombified by the EMF people by being turned into a glorified translator. Much contemporary Christian music actually sounds like hot AC with a religious bent.

  3. True. I grew up in Dayton and to me… WLS / Chicago WAS legendary. When the sun went down, John Landecker and Jeff Davis were heros of mine back in the day. And when I was in Chicago to get my 3rd class RADIO license (yes, we had to actually know how to calculate “plate reading”) I got to meet Larry Lujack. Life doesn’t get much better. I could also hear Dan Ingram on WABC / New York. KMOX / St Louis was another regional station at night, as well as WLW / Cincinnati. I miss those days with great talent (always live) and great sounding RADIO in it’s golden era.

  4. Is it just me, but it seems that the WPLJ calls mean nothing to anybody outside of the market (or those of us that make a living in the media). They can’t receive the station and unless they grew up there, the calls don’t bring the warm fuzzies that say WABC, WCFL, WLS, etc did to those of us in the mid-west with the big AM flamethrowers that entertained us after dark in the mid-west.

    • True. But to those of us that grew up in the tri state these calls are iconic. WPLJ was the back drop to most of our lives if u were born in the 60s or early 70s. Def special to us here.


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