Liberal Talk Returns To Wisconsin


TALK 92.7 FM in Madison went live Saturday. Wisconsin liberal radio host Mike Crute will host afternoon drive and oversee the programming on the station which includes Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartmann. Despite numerous attempts, liberal talk-radio has never caught on with listeners. Crute tells that Madison is the best liberal talk-radio market in the country.


  1. Thanks, Daddy. Stephanie Miller regularly sells out live shows in Madison. Imagine a Rush listener not knowing what he’s talking about? And please explain “reality”? Is that the porn star rawdogging, admitted fraudster (Trump U), admitted sexual assaulter president*? That reality?

  2. You would think so, wouldn’t you? Madison’s Dane County always votes liberal, is home to UW and every left-wing organization in the state. Madison is referred to as a leftist island in the middle of reality.
    But who wants to listen to that blather all day? Not many radio listeners, according to the unsuccessful attempts in the past.
    The 50,000 college kids would rather party than hear round 2 of their professors’ diatribes.
    Limbaugh does pretty well in Madison


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