Al Pervin Returns To InterTech Media


Pervin has been brought back as Director of Global Sales for the company. He will lead the sales efforts of InterTech’s products and services to the broadcast industry, revenue generation, and marketing strategies. He has been working in the broadcast industry for years, most recently as a GM in Detroit.

Pervin said, “I am happy to be back with InterTech Media. During my time away from the company, I was able to see challenges and solutions for digital revenue from a different perspective. I believe that the direction InterTech is going in, the first evidence of which is the integrated Native App & Web CMS, is the best way for stations to pump up revenue.”

“I intend to apply current perspectives from the field to my role at InterTech in order to bring clients more revenue and to increase the client base,” he said. Pervin’s initial efforts will be around the new Native App & Web CMS platform in conjunction with Anthony Polakos, COO and Doug Kilzer, CMO.

“Al is a dynamo and so are our products and services, so we are doubly excited for our clients’ ability to increase reach and revenue,” Polakos and Kilzer said in a joint statement. “We’re excited where InterTech is, where we are headed, and will have exciting announcements in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to pump up your digital!”


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