Morgan Takes Listeners Into The Wild


Puget Sound Public Radio station KUOW has launched The Wild, a podcast hosted by ecologist and filmmaker Chris Morgan. The 12-episode series finds Morgan traveling the globe, exploring wild places, and uncovering the secret life of species unknown to many of us. Morgan has worked as a wildlife researcher, wilderness guide, and environmental educator worldwide for more than 20 years. He has hosted and contributed to award-winning documentaries and TV productions, including regular work with PBS Nature, National Geographic Television, BBC, and the Discovery Channel. He is also the co-founder of Wildlife Media/UPROAR Fund.

“Chris reconnects people with the wild through his passion — you can tell he loves these places and sharing his unique insights as a researcher and storyteller. He lives for this stuff. Most of us will never set out into the mountains in search of brown bears or wolves. But the next best thing is having him take us along with him on these adventures,” said Brendan Sweeney, KUOW Director of New Content and Innovation.

“In making this podcast, we wanted to create an audio experience where listeners can share in the raw excitement of nature. Through Chris’ storytelling, we hope to spark wonder,” said Jim Gates, the podcast’s Senior Editor.

In the first episode, titled “Cougars Around Us,” Morgan journeys from the suburbs of Seattle into the forests in eastern Washington as he looks for one of the 2,000 cougars living in Washington state.


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