Beharrell Makes His Night Move


Los Angeles on-air personality Greg Beharrell has switched up from weekends for Rocker 95.5 KLOS-FM to nights. He can be heard 7 p.m.-Midnight, Monday-Friday.

Keith Cunningham, Corporate Program Director/Rock Formats, Cumulus Media and Program Director 95.5 KLOS, joked, “What do you want me to say? Even great teams fumble sometimes.”

Beharrell said: “Put something like ‘the charmingly disarming Beharrell took a moment to gather his thoughts, his fingers slowly running along his movie star jawline’ and then maybe put in, like, a quote about how excited I am or whatever.”

Beharrell takes over evenings immediately. The station tells us: “Apology cards will be mailed to listeners within the next two to four weeks.”


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