This Secret Santa Hands Out The Cash!


KGAF/Gainsville, TX, conducted a “Secret Santa” event live on-air Wednesday morning, distributing $10,000 cash to local charities and listeners.

Steve Eberhart, KGAF Manager said, “We received a call from a listener two weeks ago who stated they would like to give away money at Christmas time to those in need.” KGAF met with the donor who handed over a cashier’s check for $10,000, asking for nothing in return and requesting they keep them anonymous.

On Wednesday morning during a live broadcast from the radio station studios, KGAF handed over $2,500 cash to Visto for their backpack buddy program and $2,500 to the Boys & Girls Club of Cooke County. The other $5,000 cash was dispersed to 10 needy callers who were awarded $500 each over the next half hour.


  1. Whoever the anonymous donor was wouldn’t have reached out to the station if they hadn’t felt a good local vibe and were confident their gift would be used to benefit the community. A wonderful gesture, but kudos to Steve for creating the sound that inspired it. If I had been listening that morning I couldn’t have turned his show off. And when was the last time that happened in any market?


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