Radio To The Rescue


Our thanks to Lisa Thal for sharing this success story that shows the power of radio, the power of local personalities and how local communities respond when radio asks them for help.

(by Lisa Thal) A crazy idea was shared at a breakfast with a group of friends. Monica was turning 50 years old in a few weeks. She wanted to do something different that would make a major impact to help others. She shared her vision of helping The Clermont Animal CARE Humane Society, which is a local animal shelter to raise awareness and money.

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The idea was born and it was called The 50 – 50 – 50 event. Monica decided she would spend 50 hours living in the shelter, with a goal of raising $50,000 for her 50th Birthday. Local on-air host Mollie Watson, from Q102 (WKRQ-FM in Cincinnati) heard about her mission and decided to join in and help Monica’s vision come true. Watson hosts middays on WKRQ. Both Monica and Mollie are deeply passionate about dogs and cats. They found their pets through a no-kill shelter.

The two entered the shelter together and began their 50-hour journey of raising awareness and resources for the local shelter. They broadcast live sharing the stories of the animals who were up for adoption and through all their social channels to give the listeners insights on what’s it is like to live in a shelter and encourage others to find a forever home for the fur kids.

They shared how challenging it is for the volunteers and reached out to the local community to encourage others to donate their time or needed supplies to care for the animals. The event was a tremendous success as they raised over $50,000 and found homes for 30 dogs, 8 cats, and 1 bunny.

They made an impact on their community thanks to local Radio!

People listen and people care about their community needs!


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