Sad Tale Of A Legendary Figure


Stan Lee is the doyen of the world of comics. At 95, he can look back on a career in which he co-created such characters as Spider Man, the Fantastic Four, Hulk, Thor, and the X-Men. But now there is a battle going on for control of the legendary co-creator of the world’s biggest super heroes. Veteran CNN entertainment reporter, and member of Lee’s inner circle for more than 25 years, Alan Duke, is presenting a podcast about the unfolding drama called Saving Stan Lee: A Time for Heroes. 

“Stan needs heroes to protect him from those who want to cash in on his fame and control his fortune,” said Duke. “His wife, Joan, of more than seven decades was his closest adviser, protector, and gatekeeper. When Joan died in July 2017, battles equaling any story line from Game of Thrones erupted.” Duke shares publicly, for the first time, photographic and eye-witness evidence of domestic violence and elder abuse inside the Lee home. “I’m not trying to embarrass or attack anyone, but the world must know what has been kept secret so Stan can be protected from abuse in the final years of his incredible life.” Saving Stan Lee: A Time for Heroes is created, reported, and narrated by Duke. With each weekly episode, Duke will share photos, videos, and documents online at

Duke says his mission is simple: to Save Stan Lee.

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