Pesce Sheds Light On Cryptocurrencies


The world of cryptocurrencies — and the “blockchain” technology that powers them — is here to stay. Now crypto and blockchain “noobs” and experts alike can listen to futurist, inventor, and award-winning podcaster Mark Pesce, as he brings refreshing clarity into the new frontier with his podcast Cryptonomics.

The latest episode of the first season of Cryptonomics features one of the most influential thinkers in the space, Ethereum co-creator Joe Lubin. Pesce recorded the show with Lubin during a live interview at the University of Technology, Sydney last week. The show can be heard HERE and on all major podcast services.

Across the first five episodes, listeners will learn the basics of the blockchain, the bonanza of Bitcoin, and what it says about how money works in the 21st century. In episodes 6 to 9 (and coming Friday, November 2, episode 10) the audience will hear discussions of some of the most important current topics in the space: fedcoins & stablecoins, evaluating ICOs for environmental impacts, the fervor surrounding the crypto/blockchain space, and now the future of Ethereum.

Pesce is joined by experts, including serial entrepreneur and author Mark Jeffrey, BitTrade founder Ron Tucker, Agridigital’s Emma Weston, PowerLedger’s Dr. Gemma Green, CryptoFlip’s Max Kenny, Havven’s Kain Warwick, P2P Foundation’s Michael Bauwens, and more. The guests’ insights give listeners a window onto a world where every part of our lives has been touched by blockchain technologies.

“People believe in cryptocurrencies,” Pesce says, “But belief is a lousy investment strategy. Cryptonomics listeners learn the questions they need to ask before they make a risky investment. They’ll learn how to make the world of blockchain work for them and their children. Money is changing – let’s get ready for that new world!”

Currently available on — via the PodcastOne App — or search The Next Billion Seconds: Cryptonomics on Apple podcasts.


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