Ellen K’s Tell-All Podcast


Nationally syndicated KOST 103.5 host Ellen K has announced the launch of The Ellen K Podcast Network, a tell-all podcast network that shares behind-the-scenes stories from Ellen K’s career and dives deeper into the stories of the day. The network will launch three new podcasts on iHeartRadio, giving listeners an in-depth listen to what really goes on at the Ellen K shows, as well as providing listeners and fans an opportunity to win prizes and participate in Q&A with Ellen herself.

“I’m so excited to invite listeners into our studio through The Ellen K Podcast Network,” said Ellen K. “The opportunity to explore daily topics and everyday situations in a deeper way is thrilling to me.  I use to get in trouble in school for talking too much during class, and thanks to iHeartRadio I can continue my passion for connecting with listeners after the morning radio show is off air.”


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