Bob Brinker’s Moneytalk Ending After 32 Years


MoneyTalk host Bob Brinker has decided to step away from radio. Brinker will continue to write and publish his investment newsletter Marketimer. He says it’s time for him to “take his weekends back and enjoy Sundays with his family.” Westwood One has been syndicating the show.


  1. How in the world can we listen to archived shows dating back even to the early 1990’s? Is it possible to have them packaged
    and sold to the public? I would rather listen to his previous episodes than the junk out there on the air today.

  2. Well, calls by Bob Brinker have made me over $7 million…….and I just started in 2003……we still have his alert service, and newsletter……rest, Bob…enjoy retirement

  3. The very best stock market call ever. Jan 2000 Marketimer stated the market had an upside potential of 5% and a down side of 20% or more. S&P was 1469. Closing high 1527. It gained less than 5% and then crumbled over 50%. Who else made a call like that? Bob Brinker is one of a kind.

  4. Bob although you gave good honest advice in the best interest of the caller, your Marketimer newsletter was a huge conflict in my opinion.

    You had a few disastrous market calls which proved you too couldn’t time the market.

    But your show got me hooked and interested in investing.

    Your only shortcoming was your newsletter. All an investor needs is one total market index and not a newsletter which many bought and jumped in and out of the actively managed funds you touted.

  5. I’m 40 years old now. I just looked up Bob Brinker to try to stream his show. My childhood in the 90’s was spent with Bob Brinker on my dads radio as we were driving around. I think it made me appreciate finance and investing at a young age. Is there another show like “Money Talk” out there that isn’t trying to sell me something that I can podcast?

  6. Sunday, January 26, 1986 is a date that will live in infamy. Not only is this the day Bob started his syndicated broadcast, “Money Talk” but, as Bob always reminded us, the Chicago Bears won their first and only Super Bowl Championship on that day. My greatest take-away from Bob’s “sage advice” is that, given the proper education, anyone can acquirer the knowledge and confidence to manage their own finances.
    Bob Brinker, you will truly be missed, but your legacy will carry on through the many listeners you have helped over the years. Thank You, and may GOD Bless.

  7. WOW. Sorry you’re leaving radio, Bob. We’re profoundly thankful for your amazing advise throughout these many years. I can’t imagine how bleak my retirement would be had it not been for your advise! And of coarse we hope you’ll be able to continue with Marketimer….. the blueprint to our financial foundation. Thank you and God bless you and your family ….. you certainly deserve it.

  8. I was searching radio stations thinking he moved to a different time slot for his broadcasts only to find out the bad news (for me) that he’d rather enjoy life a bit more with family. You were a staple in the world of personal finance and investing.

    I think we’d all settle for once a month broadcast from you. Well, all the best and thanks for the great personal finance advice and cordial respect that we all need in society.

  9. All the best Bob,

    A classic similar to Paul Harvey- thanks for all the sage advice on the journey toward “critical mass”.
    As mentioned above the sharks are preparing their attack as they endeavor to “help” people.
    I know one who has helped many elderly widows buy safe annuities-ugh.

  10. Bob
    I wish you all the Best of Luck
    I started listening youbin the early 80s in NYC on the advice of my Mother who you were Tops
    I can’t begin to tell you how much I learned from you

    Thanks for everything


  11. I started listening to uou on Saurday monings in 1982 when i was living in Brooklyn. It was a pleasure listeng to you the past 35 years. Good luck with your future plans.

  12. Here it is many months since you retired. I just found out you resigned to enjoy life. Congratulations, but I really miss you after following your advice on Money talk for many years. God bless you in your retirement. Brenda in Oregon

  13. You are a Radio Icon like the late Paul Harvey. You had a great way of communicating and you were always humble. I miss your radio show.

  14. BOB want to thank you for all thirty four years for your guidence on the radio and the news letter…. You brought my family together……. my family always not to bother me when i was listening…… they all enjoyed your show ……. my son swears by your news letter… he has just subscribedto the fix income letter….. Bob ther was none better at timing the market than you….. Bob i would like to wish the very best and God Bless you and your family……… Bob you have brought many years of comfort in investing….. Ther will never be a nother one like you…… sincerly STEPHEN NIOSI & FAMILY

  15. I listened to Bob every now and then, he had a good following for the Retired Folks. Listening and not being a member of his Newsletter made it difficult to really understand some of the discussion. It was sort of a code and you had to be a subscriber to understand. I wish him well, he really didn’t add any value to my decisions with investing, but I enjoyed to dialog between him and the callers. There are so many shows on Radio, and I question the legitimacy of them. Some sound so crookit to me.

  16. Thanks Bob! I am 71 and listened to you on Saturdays and Sundays on WMT-600 And WHO-1040 in Iowa usually walking my beagle who has long since passed. Great advice and always looked forward to the show. We have been enjoying a wonderful retirement. Hope you are well and enjoy your time with family and hobbies.

  17. This guy is such a fraud. Remember his terrible Ultratech Stepper recommendation? He tried to backtrack and cover up his bad recommendation in his worthless newsletter. Good riddance.

    • How about him always referring to Amazon as “Amazon.bomb”. The only one with a worse track record is Jim Cramer.

  18. I had the pleasure to attend a concert in a very small venue the artist was Jon Anderson the singer for YES. It was Jon Anderson a guitar a microphone and a stool. When there was a moment of silence I yelled THANK YOU JON!!!! from 20 feet away he looked me in the eye and said simply “MY PLEASURE” That said it all.
    He is a Rock God and took music to all heights, my heart was deeply touched.

    Bob you sit alone on a chair in front of a microphone the world as your stage reaching out with love and care to so very many people. I want to say ‘THANK YOU BOB”

  19. In 1986 my car got broken into so I had to take it to the repair shop. I had to get a rental car while mine was being repaired. All of this was a blessing in disguise because the radio in the rental car was tuned to your broadcast. I was immediately hooked to your financial wisdom every weekend and the critical mass is now within my reach. Thank you for brining me peace of mind especially when there is chaos in the markets. I will miss you!

  20. Mr. Brinker, Congratulations on your decision to take more time for yourself and your family! I found you and your show and began listening to you in 1988 when my 3 sons were young and I realized I would need to save for college and for retirement. You were with me at home on the weekends mowing my lawn, on the road when we vacationed, and when I was training for marathons. At one point (1996) I was thrilled to hear you read a letter I had written to you congratulating you on your show’s anniversary. I learned so much, and my confidence in my own capabilities increased. I was indeed able to get all of my sons through colleges, and more. I was able to accumulate enough to retire without fear, in the land of “critical mass” and “no alarm clocks” and could not be more grateful. Perhaps the greatest compliment I can pay you is to tell you that recently my youngest son now 32, and 1 when I found you, said this as we were talking about his savings efforts, “didn’t Bob Brinker used to say…!!!” Thank you and best wishes.

  21. Well Bob, I believe the 75 comments that I have just read , say it all.
    Your Money Talk radio show will be surely missed.
    I can only add that you have given me over the past 30 years, the confidence and financial wisdom to manage our personal wealth.
    Could not have done this without your guidance over the years.
    Still looking forward to receiving monthly Marketimer for your excellent input.
    Bob S.

  22. I was shocked today when I tried to find MoneyTalk via an internet streaming website to learn that our
    professor and longtime friend, Bob Brinker, decided to take a well deserved retirement at the close of 2018. I found his program via WABC in NYC by accident in the early 1990’s. I was gardening in the backyard while listening to Yankees baseball when his show followed the game. I’ve been glued to my
    radio every weekend for the past 25 years taking his class and even called in with questions a couple
    of times. I have a BS in Finance and an MBA but Bob’s program became a key component of my formal
    education and allowed me to retire to the land of critical mass at age 62. May God Bless You and Your
    Family with Health and Happiness.

  23. congratulations on your retirement. thanks a mill for education I have learned from you since 1986 in Chicago.will thinking of you every Sunday.

  24. Bob, you changed my life. I tried to teach people about Index Funds, they were too smart to listen to me, and they are still working, I retired 12 years ago. Too bad for them.
    You were the best financial advisor I ever had!!! Have fun on the weekends now. You certainly deserve it.

  25. Thank you Mr. Brinker for the many years of education and entertainment. I will miss your radio program, but I will continue to look forward to hearing from you through your investment letter and special e-mail announcements. Thanks to you I am confidently looking forward to retirement in a few more years. Best wishes to you and your family!

  26. Bob

    You ever feel like dropping in for Thanksgiving dinner, there is always a place at our table. Dang! Move right in if you want. Our beautiful home exists because of you. I’ve been a fan for decades. Thanks, Bob

  27. My Sunday is never the same anymore!!! I will miss all your great advice. Hopefully someone out there will follow your footsteps and guide us. Thanks for all your help! Happy retirement Bob.

  28. Bob, Congratulations on your retirement. After reaching critical mass, I just retired at 60 and am indebted to you for the education I received listening to you weekly for over 20 yrs. I hardly ever missed your show and learned so much. After selling off my rental properties before the crisis I invested mostly in GNMAs on your recommendation at the time and they served me well. I never got the chance to call in and thank you so I’ll say it now, THANK YOU! I shall miss Money Talk, the best financial broadcast ever. Best wishes in your well earned retirement.

  29. Bob, I have listened to you since the late 80’s and can’t express in words how much admiration I have for you. I had an opportunity to call your show several times and speak with you or the guest host. The last time, a few years ago, I called in with a financial question but also took the time to thank you. I mentioned, “it wasn’t just the exemplary content of what you had to say…it was also how you communicated your thoughts and advice that made listening so enjoyable.” “Listening to you was like we were face to face in my family room, across the coffee table from each other.” You belong in the radio broadcasters Hal of Fame!

  30. I just discovered my Sunday afternoon favorite is no longer on the air. I have been listening for years. I even saw you in person many years ago in San Francisco. In 1993 I was listening to you on KGO. You told us that Microsoft was coming out with Windows 95 and it would be a good investment at $75/share. Before computers, I dialed my local broker and said to buy 100 shares at $75 which was a big amount for me. Had I not sold any I would have 2400 shares thru splits. I have bought myself a new car and kept some. My sons will inherit mine because my cost basis is only $2.38/share. It’s all profit. Ten years the stock did nothing but this year it’s done well. I miss not being able to turn on KSFO Sunday afternoons to hear you. My best to you and yours. Thank you for all your good advice over the years.

  31. Bob,
    I first just ran across you on a radio station out of DC when I was stationed at Dover AFB DE in 1988….a loyal and dedicated listner for my entire USAF career and then 16 years more! Critical mass indeed. Fended off many shark “baits” and told many a professional acquaintance about your program to help them. I called in off and on and you always asked me about flying and I explained how safe it was due to education and training you “MANAGE RISK”! Imagine that – just like invetsting and your years of advice. You were a great flight / financial instructor!
    Norman OK

  32. Bob, when I realized the program was over, I was sad, but not surprised. I’ve always marveled on how you could be so faithfully dedicated over the 30+ years and how much longer you’d be there for us. There’s a time for everything and a time for the Sunday program to come to a fitting end. However, I will miss that nice smooth radio voice that uttered so many words so wisely put together.

    Over the years that I’ve listened to you, I went from a gullible babe in the woods to someone who was able to fend off sharks like Clark Kent could fend off speeding bullets. I thank you for your service and wish you the best of fortune and health at this phase of your life.

  33. Bob….I too was frantically trying to determine what KSFO did with Moneytalk. I’ve been listening to you since the late 80’s. I can’t tell you how much I admire you and how appreciative all of us listeners are of the wisdom that you shared with us over the years. I believe I am pretty much at critical mass. Thank you for everything.

  34. Hello Bob. Thank you so much for keeping us all on the straight path (us personally since mid-1986) to critical mass. We acquired so much investment knowledge over those years. You are missed…

    Hope you and your family are well, and enjoying your retirement!

  35. Hi Bob,
    I have recommended your program to so many people through the years! Since 1989 in fact and you have made my CRITICAL MASS!!!!!! i was a single mom making under $50,000. for many years and listened to your advice. With more than a million in my retirement retired at 62. That is still earning and have no debts at all. I am so grateful to you as I was able to put my daughter through private school including private college. You are “MY HERO” AND I wish you the best in your future. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL MISS HEARING YOUR ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. So sad to see you go! My husband and I have listened to you since the beginning. Sadly, he is now in a nursing home and no longer listens to radio or TV. Thanks to you we have achieved critical mass and are so thankful that we are able to afford the huge monthly costs of a nursing home. He has a dementia but is very strong physically so we will probably be paying the costs for many more years to come. Thank you for all of the knowledge you have imparted to us! My husband always wondered if you are related to a Terry Brinker who was in the Air Force in the early 70s. He was my husband’s roommate.

  37. Bob, you enabled me to achieve critical mass with your outstanding technical insights, advice and timing calls. Your comments and advice enabled me to retire comfortably at age 62, and continuing to follow you via your radio program and newsletter have enabled me to more than double my portfolio since retirement, while still funding all my retirement interests, travels and objectives. We may never know how many investors you have helped over the years, but I’m sure they count in the millions.
    God bless you, your family and your loved ones in your retirement. I hope you have a long and happy life.
    And, thanks for the memories.

  38. Roy L. I first heard you on WMCA radio 83 or 84 in New Jersey . One early morning while you were on, you reported the Ramapo Falt earthquake I was driving and never felt the quake. Anyway we are retired 8 years and have you to thank . We are both 77 play tennis 3 to 5 times a week, and able to enjoy and help our 9 grandchildren and 3 children.. Thank You Enjoy retirement with your Family.

  39. Bob, I have learned so much from you. Like most, I knew nothing about investing and started a little late. What I do have is because I was painting my daughters bedroom one weekend back in the early ’90’s and tuned the radio and found your program. That day changed my life for the better. My daughters/little sprouts are all in their thirties now but have been the beneficiaries of your wisdom too and started investing with their post college jobs. A heartfelt thank you. I’ll miss you!

  40. Congratulations Bob,
    I am a long time listener and a subscriber. My wife and I reached critical mass 3 years ago and just want to say thanks. Enjoy your extra time with your family!

  41. Oh my! What a sad day this is to learn that the Bob Brinker show will no longer be on radio. Now I know why I couldn’t find you on any station recently! I have listened to the show for over 20 years and learned so much from you, Bob. My husband and I have religiously read your newsletter for all those years and have followed your advice. Reaching critical mass was a happy milestone for us, and we thank you for that. You have given us the knowledge to manage our own portfolio, and I feel confident that we won’t be “shark bait”. We are enjoying the fruits of our labor and trying not to be “the richest people in the graveyard”. Thank you for your wonderful advice all these years. We will miss listening to you on Sunday, and we wish you the best!

  42. Bob, do I ever miss you, however, I am sure your family is grateful…I just learned today, doing an online search, that it was you who decided to retire from the Money Talk program. I was actually looking online for KSFO’s phone number to complain about why your spot on the air was replaced by someone who is on the air too much, regurgitating the same thing, no matter whether he is on the radio or TV…well need I say more. I do need to thank you again for having been my mentor from the time you were on KGO, starting in the latter part of the 1980s. Not only did I learn the difference between stocks and bonds, but you guided me to a retirement, now enjoying having reached “Critical Mass”…too bad, too sad, there is not a replacement for you so that those much younger than I am now could have the privilege I and many others had in listening to you. Your approach was so clear, your interactions with callers so respectful; we learned for ourselves just listening…Thanks for guiding me to a great retirement.

  43. Thanks Bob, it has been a great 30 years for us. My wife got used to me listening to you on Saturday and Sunday afternoons – mostly via KGO in San Fran. I subscribed to your on-demand podcasts and newsletter so I could listen during the week. You helped us immensely. You helped give me the info to negotiate lower rates for our company 401K. Now retired at 59, doing consulting on the side. Thanks!

  44. I started my listening to your show in the early 90’s and found it very informative. I started investing a little late in my life, but thanks to you I did well enough to retire. Thank you again for all the great advice over the years, Bob. And enjoy your retirement.

  45. Bob: What a shocker! Have listened to your weekend broadcasts since the Bears were in the Super Bowl! From Bodega Bay, Chicago, Fairbanks, Anchorage, and now Lehigh Acres, FL, you have been with me every weekend. It is like losing a good friend. Thank you for all the years and information. Millions have reached Critical Mass because of you. The Fat Lady has final sung.

    Gary Bratton

  46. Remembering favorite shows: When Rocky Mountain Bear was subject, after SPX went to low $666. i believe August 11, 1986??, I wish I could remember his name. Also when lifetime employee at Caterpillar called about having 100% retirement invested in CAT stock.
    For me your best advice: The Value of Time, It’s not for sale.
    Best Regards, Robert D Johnson

  47. It’s like losing a close friend, thank you Bob for all the advice over many,many,years ,my Sunday’s are not going to be the same without you.

  48. We will miss your Sunday Money Talk. We began listening on the day the Bears won the Super Bowl!!
    Thank you for your wise advice and knowledge over the years. Enjoy more time with your family and semi-retirement.

    Bill & Mary

  49. Thanks Bob…you made investing a lot less scary. I have your advice (and my dad’s) to thank in helping me look forward to a comfortable retirement.

  50. First heard you 1987 on KGO, SF. We moved to WA in 1992, delighted to find you on KGMI, Bellingham. Subscribers/fans! All the best to you, and all the “young sprouts”!

  51. For the last 31 years you have been the steady beacon of light for me and so many of your loyal listeners. Following your advice I was able to retire at age 60 having reached “Critical Mass”, that was 18 years ago and our investment portfolio continues to grow. As a subscriber to your MarketTimer Newsletter I will continue to benefit from your financial wisdom.
    Thank you Bob, and may you have a well deserved long and happy retirement with your family.

  52. I listened over the years because the theme music and Bob’s voice were comforting. I would tune in from Canada sometimes while working farm ground out in the middle of nowhere, thanks Bob.

  53. I miss your Moneytalk already but you deserve pleasant Sundays with your family. I still value your Marketimer. Thank you for your expertise and advice.

  54. Thank you, Bob. You are giving us yet another lesson – the importance of family. Money Talk was aptly named; our money talks. “In God We Trust” appears on our currency. The value of money is that it can help us live as we believe. You have assisted me. I thank you. God bless you and your family.

  55. Thank You Bob, I owe you everything. It all began January weekend 1987 on KGO and recently KSFO in Oakland Calif. When I missed your show it was often available recorded on Internet. I unraveled high interest mortgage, bought 8% STRIPS for 15 years, changed 401K from GIC to Vanguard funds contributing the max, took advantage of tax deferred saving, bought term insurance, put kids through college with mutual funds specifically for this purpose and way more. Bob you gave me knowledge to manage my own finances. I took early retirement when employer outsourced me, investments allowed me to do anything and nothing, that’s my choice. Thanks BOB, been great 30+ years

  56. Bob, my Sunday evening radio time won’t be the same without your sage advice, commentary, and humor. I credit you in large part for my financial education these long years, and allowing this former blue collar lad from the Windy City to spend my time as I wish, with family and friends, at critical mass since age 57. Now I wish you the same, my wise friend. Thank you and God Bless you.

  57. I discovered Money Talk during Superbowl weekend in 1987. Following Bob’s advice I went from Shark Bait to Vanguard investor. I followed his advice and rode out 4 market downturns. I was layed off 2011, 8 years before my planned retirement date. I had comfortably achieved Critical Mass in 2007 when the market tanked but hung in there. On retirement (layoff) day. similar employees worried about their future, I was angered about layoff after 30 years with a 30 day notice. The investment advice grew my retirement nest egg in steadily. The general financial advice saved me plenty on mortgage, insurance, loans. I was empowered by the knowledge and am forever grateful for Bob’s guidance.

  58. Bob…listening to you for at least 25 years helped me and my wife achieve critical mass. Tried other ways, books, newsletters, and financial advisors; nothing came close to your advice when it comes to success. I was at first angry at my local radio station when they replaced you with two financial salesmen. Then I found out you would no longer be on the air. Hearing you were off the air was as devastating as hearing Garrison Keillor going off the air. Weekends will not be the same. But thankfully I do get your newsletter. Thanks for the years and advice.

  59. So Bob you have reached critical mass. Bob I’m going to miss you. You are truly an American patriot in investment and we did learn a lot from you and I really enjoyed the show especially in up to the early 2000, I will still search to find someone almost like you maybe someone that learned from you. Bob enjoy you and your family

  60. BOB..

    I have listened since mid 1980’s and have learned a lot from you. Retired 12/31/99 for I knew markets we going to be taken over by computers and commission would go to near Zero. I was a institutional broker for Cantor Fitzgerald. I and my wife have and still enjoying life..Thanks for all your advise.



  61. I must have missed the last broadcast. Today I searched many stations to find my favorite Sunday afternoon education to no avail. Your advice has been invaluable in helping me steer the course to financial independence. You will be sorely missed. Happily your newsletter will continue. Thank you for all you have done for ordinary investors over the past 30+ years.

  62. Bob:

    I have listened to you since 1989 first at KGO and later as KSFO. I even attended the KGO event at which you spoke. I will continue to subscribe to the newsletter for your insight. However, it will never fill the void of hearing your voice on weekends. I wish the best to you and your family.

  63. My husband and I will miss you so very much on Sunday Afternoons. We have learned so much from you and because of your advice we now have a comfortable retirement. Enjoy your family, and thanks again

  64. I really wonder if Bob is ok. It wasn’t that long ago that somebody called him asking who would take over if he every retired, and he said he didn’t think of retiring, as he loved it too much. On his last episode, he really sounded tired, and his exit was so abrupt – after 30+ years, no pre-announcement or lead up? I really hope he just decided to relax a little and that everything is ok. His show will be missed.

  65. I have been listening since 1991. During those times when the market was in decline, it was your calm and reassuring confidence that kept me in the market and to not act out with emotion and sell. By following your road map to the “Land of Critical Mass” I was able to retire at 52. John Bogle and you are my investment heroes.
    Thank you for everything and the very best in life to you always.

  66. Thank you Bob for your advice over the years. I heard your first broadcast on Super Bowl Sunday in 1986. You have been a part of my weekends ever since. Best wishes on your future endeavors. You will be missed.

  67. Dear Bob – so sorry you will no longer be on the air. I have been listening to you for several years and follow your advice, with success, I might add. Best wishes to you, you deserve a break. I am a subscriber so will look forward to receiving the monthly letter.

  68. I was very saddened to hear of your departure from the airways. I’ve been a long time listener (20+ years). Thanks for all of the good advice you’ve dispensed over your 32 years on the air. Best of everything in your semi-retirement years. You’ve certainly earned it. Good Bye and Good Luck.

  69. I was on my way to the hospital with my wife to have our second daughter and Bob came on KGO radio station in San Francisco at 1pm 01/26/1986. I have listened to him since then!
    I will miss listening to you on the radio! Thank you for everything I learned from you.

  70. I suppose I must have learned something listening to the show in Boston’s WRKO. It stopped being broadcast a few years ago on WRKO. Bob taught me to differentiate different sectors of industry having different PEs. Like many of us the stock Bob missed out on was Amazon. Bob convinced me he was right about the high pe at that time being overvalued for a retailer. I didn’t understand amazon and neither did Bob. Still enjoyed the show though and listened.

  71. Thanks for all you’ve done Bob. I don’t know how many years I’ve listened, but it’s been many. I think I’m trying to sign in too late, because I was hoping that I could download your last many shows for my archives. Any way you can put them back up for awhile before the end of the month, so I can do so?. All the best to you Bob. I will continuew getting your newsletter. Thank you!

  72. Bob…there are no words. I ‘discovered’ you on the radio in the late 80’s while working in the garden and I have been a constant listener ever since. Your advice has helped me TREMENDOUSLY and I thank you. Wishing you and your family all the best.

  73. Mr. Brinker , I know you don’t like to be called that. But I have a great deal of respect for you, and like any teacher I had in high school or college. I always addressed them as MR. Bob, I do hope you enjoy your long and happy retirement. I am enjoying mine, by which I mean I am living the life in Hawaii. And it has a lot to do with you. THANK YOU !!!!!! aloha

  74. Bob has been a fantastic person and has helped many, many people. Man, he will be missed!

    I believe there is a spot to the right of Abe Lincoln on Mt. Rushmore.

  75. Longtime listener. You have helped me. Recall a broadcast some 15 years ago, during which you noted an impending problem. Next day, changed some major investments, and avoided a significant loss.

  76. So sorry to hear of Bob retiring. I started listening right about when I graduated from college and started working. January of 1989. Used to listen to Bob on the old KGO, when he was on Sat and Sun. I always found him to be most encouraging, educational and a class act. I found his message of how anyone could achieve “critical mass” to be truly empowering. He can’t be replaced. I was surprised with the suddenness of the announcement. I always thought that he’d announce it well in advance and give his listeners a chance to say thanks and good bye. I’ll really miss him but will continue to get the letter. Thanks for the memories Bob!

  77. 33 year run on radio says a lot. Time for family. Life goes by way too quick! Enjoy Bob and thanks for the many years of financial wisdom!

  78. I just lost my favorite radio show friend. So sorry Bob is leaving, but after 33 years, he deserves a rest. We will definitely miss him.

  79. Really going to be sad to see Bob leave the airwaves. My father turned me on to Bob’s show when I was just starting out on my own, and I learned so much from him. A bit of a surprise to hear that he is retiring, as I called in several times this year and got on with him. He seemed as interested and helpful as always. I hope all is well. God bless and best wishes Bob. Thanks for all of your guidance through the years.

  80. I listened for 31 years, learned so much, retired at 59 because of Bob’s advice and what I learned. Incredible talent. Thanks very much.

  81. Perhaps WW1 ought to hire Jane King, TV & Internet business reporter & CEO of LilaMax Media to host a Sunday Show, which like it was w/Brinker’s show, would go from 4-7PM ET, but would originate from her home in NYC & would also be in podcast form. The Show would be pre-recorded on Friday afternoons & the Podcasts would drop Friday Night/Saturday Morning.

  82. My 93 year old mother and I have listened to you since 1986. We will miss your wisdom and advice. Thanks for your great service. We will continue to get your newsletter and follow your advice. Enjoy your semi retirement.

  83. Bob:

    You’ve been a national treasure, helping tens of thousands to invest sensibly, on their own.

    It’s sad to think that Sunday afternoons won’t any longer be Money Talk.

    Thank you.

    Barry D. Wood, Washington, DC

  84. You have been my life financial blood for 26 years. Your genuine, honest, straight forward advice and fabulous interviews have been inspiration! I will miss you terribly, but am happy you have stayed with us so-o
    long because I am now able save and invest on my own and at 75 years old, am at critical mass!
    Long ago I saw you in person on your radio show. You have made a difference to the United States community. Many happy moments in the days and years ahead.
    Sincerely, Virginia Dobbins

    San Francisco

  85. Thanks Bob for your advice over the years. In the world of financial investment you are one of the Great Ones for the individual investor. Your Money Talk broadcasts and the “broadcast community” you created will be sorely missed, however we will look forward to continued newsletters and any alerts you send out. May God Bless you and your family!


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