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Ray Carroll is an Account Executive for the Cumulus Radio Station Group Houston. Ray is also a 2018 Radio Ink Radio Wayne finalist and he’ll be hearing his name announced with just a few others at the Radio Show this week in Orlando. Ray told us about one success he’s been having with the City of Houston that continues to grow every year.

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Ray was working with the City of Houston on a recurring event called “Party on the Plaza.” KRBE is the only promotional partner for this live weekly music event using all of its assets to make this event a success, including spot advertising, promotion, live DJ support, social media, digital and web contests.

Ray tells Radio Ink this is truly a multi-faceted testament to what radio has evolved into over the years and why there is no medium that can do what we do. As a result, the series continues to grow and thrive, with a large financial commitment from the city.​ “The City was looking for a way to promote downtown in the evenings.   Many years ago there was an event called Party on the Plaza. It was decided to bring this event back. Because of our audience composition and income level, KRBE was the right station for this station promotion.”

As far as who Ray called on to make this happen. He says it’s a group effort. “There were many people involved with the program, but the Director of Marketing was the primary contact. We realized that this was an important station opportunity so KRBE management also met with their management to form the partnership we have today.”

This fall will be the second year for the event and digital promotion is a big part of why it has become so successful. “We include details about the “Party “ in the station newsletter. There also was a Facebook mention each week, a Facebook Live mention from the event, a Dedicated web page, a cube banner, Wallpaper takeover, and a Twitter mention

And, after the sale, Ray is still completely involved in following through to help make sure everything goes well. “Each week would feature a new live band or entertainer. After coordinating the digital elements I made sure the DJ had correct copy for live reads, the produced spots were updated and approved, and the station was on location with promo personnel and on air talent. Check with client to make sure all copy points were covered by on air talent during live call ins, and for on stage announcements.”

Depending on the act, this KRBE event can attract thousands of listeners and local residents to downtown Houston.

Well done Ray Carrol and KRBE in Houston.


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