KDKA Host Says He Has Cancer


Marty Griffin revealed on his show Monday that he has Squamous Cell Cancer. He was off the air for two weeks in August and other days here and there, and Monday he explained why. “I had a lump under the right side of my chin so I had one of my neighbors, who is a surgeon, come over and he found the lump and said ‘this is a problem.’ I am HPV positive. I have Squamous Cell Cancer.”

On Tuesday September 4, Griffin began immunotherapy. And on Tuesday he starts chemo and radiation. He says it’s a three-month process and that he’s sharing his story because he wants to save lives. “Ninety million Americans are HPV positive. Fifteen million new cases each year. There is a vaccine. It’s 100 percent effective. It MUST be administered to kids before they’re sexually active, before they turn 14.”

The Inside Story With Marty Griffin airs on KDKA from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

You can listen to Griffin tell his story on the KDKA website HERE.


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