Billy Graham To Have Permanent SiriusXM Channel


The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and SiriusXM are partnering for the launch of The Billy Graham Channel. The channel will feature the inspiring messages of the late, world-renowned Christian evangelist as well as his sermons from his many years in ministry. The Billy Graham Channel will debut on Monday, Aug. 20, on SiriusXM Channel 460.

Since last November, for Mr. Graham’s 99th birthday, The Billy Graham Channel has appeared as a limited-run offering on four occasions, including a tribute channel in conjunction with his passing in February.

Franklin Graham, CEO of the BGEA, said, “We’re excited that SiriusXM Radio will have a permanent Billy Graham Channel. Many people have told us how much it has meant to them to hear my father’s timeless messages of truth. I hope everyone will check it out.” 


  1. Note to “Roy”:
    Before Charles Templeton was a noted, Canadian author, commentator, editor of the national MacLeans Magazine and a damn fine cartoonist, he was partnered up with Billy Graham. Billy was, in fact, the warmup act.

    One day, Charles turned to Billy and declared that he was no longer a “believer” and could not, in fair conscience, continue the charade. Graham accepted Templeton’s position and reminded him, “It is still a good living.”
    (paraphrased from memory from Templeton’s book, “Farewell To God”.)

  2. This is a reason for us to cancel Sirius. We do not need to be paying Sirius so that “religiou$” charlatan$ can infest Sirius channels. … What’s next? Sirius giving the Catholic Church “The Priest Channel”?


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