Fire Takes Out Transmitter


The Carr fire in California recently destroyed a transmitter at NPR-affiliate KFPR in Redding and the station has been off the air for about a month now. North State Public Radio which includes KCHO 91.7 in Chico and KFPR 88.9 in Redding has studios in the Northern California cities of Redding and Chico.

GM Phil Wilke tells Action News Now it could be another month before the station is back on the air. KFPR has about 20,000 listeners in the Redding area. The station is working to repair the damage and hope to be back on the air for those listeners as soon as possible. Wilke said, “The day-to-day operations of the radio station have not changed. It’s really just the signal we can get out to the listeners who expect us to be there when they go to that, you know, hit that button number one on their car radio.”


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