White House Drama Harks Back To Radio Theater Days


Cadence13, in partnership with Blumhouse Television, is launching a new podcast series:The Oval Office Tapes. The scripted, 10-episode drama imagines, What if that soccer ball Vladimir Putin gave to President Trump was covered in microscopic microphones? And what if President Trump insisted on keeping the ball in a place of great honor in the Oval Office? Each episode will be written and produced in real time, based on actual events and news of the week.

“When a company like Blumhouse enters the podcast space, you know it’s going to be innovative, compelling, and engaging. This is a project that will undoubtedly change the podcast landscape and we can’t wait for people to listen to something so fresh, smart, and wildly entertaining,” said Chris Corcoran, Cadence13’s Chief Content Officer.

“Podcasts are exploding in popularity and bringing in more listeners today than ever before,” said Lisio. “The Oval Office Tapes is not only a well-suited extension for the Blumhouse Television brand but represents an exciting new direction for us to bring engaging audio-based storytelling to an ever-growing medium that’s just as creative as any film or television show.”

The series to be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, and other on-demand audio platforms on September, 14, 2018, with new episodes of season one being released every week.


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