Host Launches Podcast to Defend Road Rage Charges


We reported back in June that WGOW Chattanooga host Jeff Styles was charged with aggravated assault and vandalism after he was shot when he approached a vehicle with a tomahawk in a road rage incident. His case has been referred to a grand jury. Now in a new podcast on his website Styles says he “was stalked, terrorized, and shot while acting in self-defense.”

The website that hosts the podcast is called The Mind-Blowing, Truth-Stranger-than-Fiction – Ground by Gears of “Legal (not Justice) System. Talk Radio’s Jeff Styles Story – Stalked, Terrorized, Shot … Then Stripped of Victim Status

It begins, “It was a beautiful late afternoon of 6/15/18. Little did I know before the day was over I would be stalked, terrorized, SHOT… Then stripped of victim status. Here, MY SIDE of the story is finally and fully told for the first time. CEO’s, Mayors, legislators and special interest groups have all taken their shots at me over the years. All have failed. Until, that is, on June 15th, 2018…when a truly terrifying and ultimately life-destroying sequence….none of MY choosing…was set into motion. And you might be next. Not only here but anywhere in America where memories are long and common sense/logic and compassion run short. This is a cautionary tale.”

Styles is still on unpaid leave from WGOW, while he waits for his case to head to a grand jury. Check out his website and listen to his podcast HERE.


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