New Podcast All About Living Outside The Box


Rod and Jessica Sanchez had a comfortable home, good jobs, and a stable routine. But the more they worked, the less time they got to spend together. During their children’s most formative years, they’d be spending the majority of their time away from them. The more they thought about it, the less it made sense. For as long as they could remember, they were programmed to believe that a “fulfilling life” is one in which you go to college, graduate, enter the workforce, get married and have kids, work for 50 years, then retire and FINALLY enjoy the freedom to manage your time on your own terms.

But that wasn’t for Rod and Jessica. They want to spend as much time together as they can. They want to explore, learn, and chase their own dreams. Because of this, they decided to sell everything, quit their jobs and travel the world as the Jetsetting Family.

Jetsetting Family Travel Podcast is a show exploring what it’s like to get up and go, to upset the balance of life, and to spend time with the people who care most. Listen to a trailer and first two episodes of the show here.


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